We survey customer facilities and examine processes necessary to consider when developing products intended for the best quality. We conduct personalized demonstration of sample products & colors to enable clients visualize real life presentation. Our expertise spans a range of products that matched in diversity, custom formulated products portfolio with advanced technical and service capabilities, fine application and environmental support. We are capable of meeting all your need in decorative paint with our range of products such as; SandTux Acrylic Emulsion, SandTux Texcoat, SANDTux Gloss, SandTux silk, Protective wood sheen, Epoxy, Flex,industrial coat, SILKAFLEX,Anti-corrosion system for metals and plastics etc. FUNGI/ALGAE RESISTANT PAINT & GROWTH & FIRE/HEAT RETARDANT PAINT.

SandTux have a genuine understanding of our customers needs and many years of knowledge and experience which makes us one of the best in coatings industry. Our commitment to coatings is second to none and we have the support and backup of world leading paint manufacturers. We are dedicated to customer service; we facilitate our customers to help them prosper by giving sound advice and technical tips to get the job done. We have coatings inspectors on staff to assist you with any question you may have or to perform inspections if required. SandTux is your one stop shop for all your Architectural, Decorative, Industrial and Protective Coating needs. Request a quote on our services today.

SandTux Silk Wash & Wear is the best we’ve ever made, setting a new standard in performance for stain resistance, hiding power and toughness. More than ever before your walls will stay looking freshly painted for longer Setting a new standard in paint washability, allowing you to wipe away most marks with a damp cloth